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Another Mother

Mother's day took on a whole new meaning when I became a mother my self for the first time.  That time I became a mother in the most traditional way, I gave birth.  Since then I have become a mother again, this time through adoption and I have found that Mother's Day has taken on yet another level of significance.

We all begin our understanding of Mother's Day at a young age.  The one day a year in your young life that things are reversed and you care for your mom in the way that she cares for you every other day of the year. You string a necklace, "cook" breakfast, or glue macaroni on something and call it art.  You give coupons that promise that you will clean your room, give hugs or not fight with your brother.  These are never used, but packed away in her jewelry drawer for a decade or more.
One fine day you are mother your self and then you understand your mother better, and you take your place among the honored.  You look forward to every glitter infused card you will get from loving tiny hands and count your blessings.

This year I am an adoptive mother.  I share this day of honor with my own Mother and my daughter's first mother.  I have not always had perfect relationships with these mothers.  I have had periods of wanting to prove how different I am from them, how antonymous I am.  This year I am thinking very much about HER, the one I don't even know.  The one I wonder about, search for.  This day is not celebrated in China so this day we may not be particularly high in her consciousness, but I am sure Elora is there every day in some way.  I wish that the messages in a bottle that I have been sending across the ocean via social media, searchers, posters and friends has reached her ears.  That the photos of our girl, strong, happy and beautiful have reached her eyes.  I wish her peace.  I wonder if we are the same age.  Does she have a son too?  Does she want more children? I am overwhelmingly grateful for the gift she left for me, and on this Mother's Day I honor her, I remember that with out her, I would not be the mother I am.

She also gave me the gift of life, she is my other mother.

Sunday Snap Shot.  I am trying to be in my photos more often.  This self portrait was my mothers day gift to my self, taken with a remote shutter.
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