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One whole year

This anniversary has snuck up on me, how is it that time went by so, so very fast. I am still awe struck by the whole events of this past year. In just 12 months time strangers became family. Think about that, really think about it. We were two strangers, personalities already formed by our life’s experiences, and what drastically different experiences they were. Different languages, cultures and challenges and now we are mother and daughter. There is something so very, very magical about this love we have for each other. I think maybe because it was not an assumed love. We chose to love each other. At the beginning we made little choices over and over to let this love happen, as we learned about who we each were we discovered we were soul mates and fell head over heels for each other, so now we are mother and daughter. Out of nothing came the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

We are so much the same, she and I, add that to the list of amazing things. These similarities do cause us to bump heads sometimes, but they have also lead me to understand where her mind is at. Daddy really “gets” her from years of learning how to “get” me, bonus and only fair since our son is a clone of him, now the playing field is even. I think this feeling of sameness has really sped up the family connection; we really feel that she belongs, a natural new cog in our family wheel.

Now for the most amazing part of all, the power and strength of one little girl who has jam packed 24 months of physical, emotional and cognitive development into 52 tiny little weeks. I wanted to make a list of all the things she can do now that she could not do this time last year, but when I sat down and thought about it, it is EVERYTHING! She was originally graded somewhere between a 6-9 month old for development when we met her at 18 months old, now she has met all her age requirements and more! Not to mention she did it while grieving her losses AND learning a new language AND being visually impaired. She has grown 6 inches and 7 pounds since we met her, I did not think that was humanly possible. I think some of the most impressive gains she has made are in the emotional area. She has learned to trust and how to regulate her emotions and to communicate her feelings. Can you say the same thing for most adults you know? This girl is UNSTOPPABLE! I am so excited to see what she will accomplish next year when many of these barriers will be gone, I fully expect world domination.

She has given me so very much, this experience is better than I ever thought it could be. I am so excited for the year to come.

“It is your time, yes my angel, It is your time

So just run my darlin’ with ribbons undone”

-Tori Amos


Jessica said...

Happy Gotcha Day Elora!!!

Anonymous said...

Just blogged these photos, how pretty

Catherine said...

What an amazing, beautiful girl your sweet daughter is - inside and out!! I love the way you captured so much of your year together and how she has grown! What a cutie!

Congratulations on your first amazing year together.

PS - The pics above made me smile. Daddy couldn't keep his eyes off her the day you received her and it's just the same now!!