4:13 PM



Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you devoted an entire post to bashing the fact that your photo was posted on my blog. Then when I write to you, you don't post it or respond. You only post complimentary items.

Sylvia said...

Hi Anonymous, I don't recall getting a previous message from you. If you have photos of my children, that you have stolen from me, please remove them.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Things aren't "STOLEN" when poste don the internet. I sent you a comment previously explaining myself but you clearly have a bad attitude.


Catherine said...

(Sorry about the comment above. Why anyone feels they have the right to post a picture of someone else's child on their blog is beyond me!!!)

Sweet CNY pics.

Oh baby, that storm was nasty wasn't it?!! Sorry you had to go through it twice! Thankfully we were planning on staying the night at our friend's place to drove home in the sun Sunday. LOL...you're the smarter one keeping your hands on the wheel rather than taking pics and video like this silly blogger! :o)