9:21 AM

We have been enjoying the holiday season.  Nearly every day I sit back and revel at how happy I am.  Even in the day to day trenches of potty training, meal time frustrations, bath time regression, sibling rivalries, the WHY? stage, a stressful return to work, a job that I may no have for very much longer.... Somehow I leave every day just thinking about how lucky and happy I am.
I know this is because I am measuring this Christmas to last year.  Last year we were waiting, and I was just going through the motions of the holiday.  I can see it on my face in every holiday photo last year.  That smile up there was not around.  This year is the happiest holiday I have ever had.  Elora is just amazing me with her joy as she takes it all in.  Loves Santa, the tree, the parade, our tradition of driving around town to look at the lights (she saw them!! and loved them!).  This year I began to teach my oldest about the joy of giving and watched as he carefully thought out gifts for his family.  When Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas he proudly listed off the gifts he choose for his sister and Daddy. They proceeded to have a conversation about how fun it is to give.  The kids sing carols together, the sweetest duet I ever could have dreamed of.  We made cookies together, we snuggled and watched the nutcracker then the kids did an amazing interpretive dance version of their very own.  I pinch my self in these moments, did I fall into a Normal Rockwell painting?
The power of love.


Amanda said...

I love your Christmas card!! You can see the joy!!!

welcoming arms said...

Merry Christmas to your beautiful family. I have just found your blog and as we just decided a week ago to go forward with adopting a SN todler from China your blog has been a great inspiration and reality check all packagaged up in a cutie little girl :) I will pray that all the bad days completely fade away and that you have a blessed Christmas season with your Elora. Kim