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Proceeding ahead with caution

This has been weighing heavily on me since the photo stealing incident, but I have decided to keep blogging.  I am proceeding with my eyes wide open.  The main reason I have chosen to continue is because I need the community still.  I need a venue to express and connect because we have one more big adoption hurdle to cross.  A birth parent search.  I have been working on searching for months already, but we have come up empty handed so there was not much to talk about here.  Just the act in of it's self though is INCREDIBLY emotional.  I want to connect with others through this part of the journey.
Some other things I took into consideration is the awareness and positive that come from having Elora's photo shared so much (it's been shared over 20,000 times and counting at this point).  As scary as that is to have her photo out of my control, I am monitoring it and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  I know this is not been the case for other Bai parents who had their images stolen, and that is something that is my biggest fear about continuing forward.  Another point that I am taking into consideration is if a photo of my son was shared and talked about this many times, I would be nothing but proud (we are considering letting him be a model/actor).  This was food for thought was I laying my own "baggage" about how people stare at her on to the situation?  I am hoping that if I model my reaction to this event Elora will see that embracing her gawkers and choosing to see the positive of the situation is the way to rise above and be the bigger person.  She will always be stunning and she will always turn heads.  I understand that she never signed up to be a poster child for albinism awareness, but the way I see it this will just always exist so I better find a way to help her rise up and overcome it with confidence.  With that being said this blog will disappear when she enters school, to protect her privacy from her peers.

Although it is absolutely impossible to prevent your photos from being re-posted I have taken some steps to make it a bit harder.  Here is a tutorial on how to prevent your photos from being downloadable:
Thanks for that Gem!

And here is a tutuorial for how to monitor where your photos are being used on the web. 
http://www.kevinandamanda.com/whatsnew/tutorials/how-to-see-if-your-photos-are-being-used-on-another-site.htmlThis was facinating, apperently you can do a google search by image and it will find your image on other peoples pages. I tried it, it works!

I will not be sharing as much about my photography hobby.  I was told that the better your photos the more likely you are to have it stolen and shared.  So buddies new and old if you want to see more of us and want to take our friendship to the next level :) send me an email at angelika22@hotmail.com and we can be facebook friends.


Anonymous said...

it is awfully stressful :( but very reassuring to find some way of protecting oneself, there is also a code to stop people being able to highlight and copy and paste your writing too, will find the second part of this article explains it - very clever I added it to mine last night, i put it within my HTML code at the end of my blog design on header and it seemed to work for all pages