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Sunday Snapshot - Puppy Love

Elora and our dog Sissy. 
Sissy was my baby girl, the one I dressed up, who's hair I brushed and accessorized, she even has Mary Jane shoes.  Yes I was THAT dog person.
Then came Elora and Sissy lost her spot as the cutest girl in the house.  I know she feels displaced. She is only 2.4 pounds so a house of toddlers is not her favourite place to be any more either.  She may look like a puppy but she is really a senior citizen with a ripe old age of 11, her birthday is this week.  Despite all of this she and Elora have developed a sweet relationship.  Elora gives her gold fish, Sissy gives her kisses.  Sissy was one of Elora's first words.  She calls "Zizzy Ca He!" (Sissy come here!) and slaps her leg and makes the kissy sound.  Sissy opens one sleepy senior eye and rolls over to show her tiny pink belly, and they compromise, Elora pets the belly instead.
So you will understand why we just could not resist when we saw this outfit with a Sissy dog on it who was wearing Elora's favourite sunglasses.  We just HAD to have it.  Then we HAD to have a photo shoot to document this special friendship.

Ni Hao Yall


LadyBug Dragon said...

Love hearing about their relationship and how it will grow. We have several small ones like Sissy and love to hear how they adjust to pets in the home. Looks wonderful. Love the photo session!!

T said...

Pawsitively Adorable : )

Susan said...

Oh my...she is precious. Love that picture of her and the dog!

Yvette said...

I LOVE iT!! We have a little Gracie too, that the girls LOVE to come dress up! But Elor - she is the cutest ever!