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Siblings - Sunday Snapshot

This is my favourite photos possibly of all time.  Not because it shows my growth as a photographer but because it documents the growth in the love of two siblings.  My baby dolls.  An older brother who used to be just tolerant has come to enjoy his little sister's company and she is just completely radiant when he chooses to shine his attention on to her.  See how she holds him to her self when he is hugging her, she wants to make him stay there. 
It's beautiful to watch.  The best part of my day every day is when they play together instead of separately.  Double the fun, and a million giggles a minute.  I find it laughable when I get asked daily if they are twins.  I mean really... but it is kind of fun to dress them up the same.  Since Elora's big growth spurt this summer they are wearing the same size currently.  This photo does really play on their similarities (and so can I).  She copies every thing he does, I made him laugh big for this photo, she did not get the joke, but she could not be left out so we got a copycat smile :)  Photographing them together is less like herding kittens now and more like just herding cats on the difficulty scale.  We did go out this month and try out some new camera skills on things that don't move, i.e. plants.  It was a lot of fun, I got some cute ones of the kids and Emery had fun using his little camera too.  We will definitely do some more of this real soon, I think I am going to post some of his lens vs my lens shots.  Stay tuned :)

Ni Hao Yall


Some Difference said...

Cute! I like the thing 1 and thing 2.

Ginny said...

Super cute! Your children are precious

Stefanie said...

So sweet! Love that first shot, it is darling :)