9:34 AM

Having fun with my camera - Sunday snapshot

I had a really hard time choosing a photo this week.  We have had a busy month and my camera got out of the bag more than usual.  This first photo won the treasured spot for me not because it was technical or perfect but just because I love it.  I love the subject, my 3 year old on his birthday.

I also took this one at his dino party.  It got a lot of "likehttp://nihaoyall.com/2012/07/sunday-snapshot-the-little-white-church.htmls" from my friends, and I love it too.  It was more technical, better focus.  But I love what I love and I can't really be objective even when one is a better photo because my mama's heart sees something no one else does I guess.
This one also got a lot of attention from friends and I love it too, but since I was not the photographer, just the editor, I didn't feel I could enter this one in a contest.
This is another favourite of mine, but it got no attention from any one else.  The colour, the angles, the fact that I got out of the auto mode for this shot.  All these reasons endear this photo to me.
 Interesting what appeals to us as photographers versus viewers.  I think that must be the most difficult part of making a job out of something so creative and personal.  I definitely am learning to have greater appreciation for people who do this craft well.  Happy shooting!

Ni Hao Yall

P.S. I am still debating if I posted the "wrong" photo for the contest.  Tell me what you would have chose and why in the comments.