3:12 PM

In only 3 months time

Back then it was hitting.
Now it is hugging... and kissing too.

Terrified of water.
Now a water baby.

From grieving to giggling

New things are happening here all the time.  Elora has found a deep love for shoes, in fact it is one of her first English words. She is just like mommy, but I swear she comes by it naturally.  She and her brother have discovered the joy in having each other.  They make up the silliest games to play.  We are a family, we are whole.  It will never stop leaving me awe struck, this amazing girl and every thing she has given us.


Jessica said...

happy 3 month anniversary!!great post:)

Catherine said...

This makes my heart all warm and fuzzy! What a beautiful family you have and it's awesome to hear how well Elora is doing!!!