10:41 PM

the eve of one month

So it has been one month together already! It seems like hardly any time at all since we were living in hotel rooms in China with our girl. I feel like I should report all the amazing things that we and she have accomplished in this short month. I am sure there are lots, like how she gives kisses to mainly daddy but some times me, and how she says uh-oh and how she loves to copy everything her brother does. There is lots that we have done and seen, but this month just flew by and it seems a bit premature for a retrospective :) I am still just mostly happy that I am home and that none of us have jet lag or giardia.

In the past month we have been developing her inner diva and fashion style:

In other news we have lots of exciting things in the next week, Easter - meeting all the family, Elora's developmental screening and the first step in getting her help for vision and perhaps some OT as well, her first eye doctor's appointment so curious to hear from them what exactly she is or is not seeing, the delivery of our new double stroller and then we all start strollersize class (!!!) and also a princess birthday party for a little friend of ours. I hope we don't overwhelm her. Things have been going very well with the outings and today she even played for the first time at the park, she worked up her courage and began to enjoy the slide. This was about her 10th visit but the first that she enjoyed. We have had a few play dates with success in our own house and then one at a new environment all with great success. Our girl sometimes even tolerates a car ride with no fuss. So things are getting much better when it comes to being out in this strange new world. I am pretty confident about the week ahead, with the exception of the eye doctor, that may be hard for her, I hope she cooperates.