9:17 PM

We've Arrived!

We got into Shanghai last night. No problems. The flight was long and uneventful with the exception that no one slept much despite the sleeping pills. We went for a nice walk last night and got dinner, its very pretty here at night and much safer and easier than last time we were here in 2006. There were even crossing guards and every one obeyed traffic signs!!

First funny story is that some poor sop's entire bottle of maple syrup exploded on the plane all over our new suitcase. We got the majority cleaned up with baby wipes before we got our taxi. It still smells of maple and one zipper is stuck shut due to the sticky.

We will write more later today once we arrive in Hangzhou. We are off to the train in a few hours. We had a decent night sleep last night and are pretty much on the right time zone now. Jeremy did wake me in the middle of the night to set the alarm clock. LOL, that is very ironic to this sleep deprived mama and oh so very Jeremy. Things are going so well I hope my anxiety about today's train is unfounded, maybe they are worlds better, just like the rest of the city is :)


Catherine said...

Congratulations!! What fun it will be to follow your journey!

Your spirit is so good as you handled the maple syrup glitch so well!

Hoping your train trip goes great! You're almost in Elora's province!! :o)

Sarah said...

We are glad to hear you guys arrived safely and got some rest in preparation for the train (I still remember your train story from the last trip).

Rob and I had a chuckle at Jeremy asking you to set the alarm in the middle of the night ;)!

I hope everything continues to go smoothly, you are now so close to getting Elora!!!