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Updates From Beijing

Monday: Elora is very sick today, she vomited this morning, has had a bad fever all day and little appetite. She is not a happy camper. The baby cold meds are not bringing her fever down and since she hates the water Jeremy had the ingenious idea to cool her off by stroking her with the beer cans from the mini bar. No joke, it worked very well. I am officially home sick.

We left the room a few times today to scavenge for food, and managed to join the group for a quick walk around the zoo. It was a nice day today weather wise, and we were all happy to be out of the room. Friends in the group have lent us a stroller that Elora quite enjoys. The city was not built for strollers but we manage between the two of us. The zoo was definitely different then back home, people were feeding the monkeys and zebras by hand, climbing the cages to reach into the enclosures to hand them things like French fries and licorice. The cages are all like small boxes and the Toronto elephants should count themselves lucky compared to the living conditions at this zoo. Despite all of that it was still a trip I would recommend since it is a nice park like setting very walkable and plenty to see.

We were sorry to miss out on the acrobat show that the group went to tonight this was the highlight of our other trip. It was a wise choice though as Elora is much sicker this evening and sorely needed some sleep. Tommorow is the consulate and a shopping trip, it will be a long day and we are hoping that her health will improve by tomorrow. I really wanted to get some pearls for elora as a future graduation gift from her birth country and some outfits for the kids. Priorities are quickly shifting and now I just want to get through this night and the next three safely.

To end on a happy note, I forgot to mention earlier that before she got sick Elora took her first steps all by herself on saturday. She just stood in the middle of the room and walked about 6 steps. She was making more attempts that day as well, but then got sick and has not been in the mood recently.

It is Tuesday now and Elora has not slept in 24 hours. Despite drugging, walking, soothing, rocking, swaddling she will not sleep, not in our bed or the crib or the floor or the couch or the stroller of the carrier she will not sleep. She has had a raging fever and very little appetite; I have no idea what she is running on. She is up again, make that 25 hours with no sleep.

Its Wednesday morning now and she slept most of the night hoping we have a better day today.


Sarah said...

I hope Elora is feeling better after what sounds to be some much needed sleep for all. Only a few short days till you are all at home and reunited with your squeaker too!

We wish you a safe return and look forward to meeting Elora once hibernation is complete! :)


Catherine said...

Oh Sylvia, I'm so glad to hear that Elora is beginning to feel better. It's hard on both of you when your little one is sick!

If you're headed to the Silk Market and looking for a great place to purchase pearls I HIGHLY recommend Candy! I'm not sure of the exact name of her store but Candy/Candi is in the name. She is a sweet gal who makes the most beautiful jewellery and her prices are more than fair.

Praying Elora continues to heal.