4:01 PM


We have had a series of good days. She has an anxious attachment to Jeremy now and that is an overall good thing except that he goes back to work tomorrow. We have been trying to prep for this as much as possible with me doing several hours with her in the carrier each day, all the feedings and less of the things she hates, but I am still nervous for tomorrow. Speaking of things she hates, washing is a big one. We are attemping our weekly bath again tonight and we have tried every thing, nothing is truly working but over all her freakouts are getting shorter. This girl hates any thing that is remotely moist, even a wet wipe on her hand will cause melt downs. Dry kleenex is working well now, and about 50% of the time we can wipe her fountain of snot that is her nose with out a melt down. She gets mad when she sees a bathroom, hears running water, sees water, has clothing removed (but is perfectly happy once naked as long as she remains dry and away from bathrooms). The orphanage told us she was happy to have a bath each day, and that it must just be our large bathtub upsetting her.... hrrrmmm.

During these series of good days we have managed a few outings, that has been really nice since we are an overall active family and the hermit style was wearing on me. The secret to successful outings seems to be to strap a snack trap full of cherrios to her. Her appetite seems to have increased recently, I think she is a stress snacker like her mom :)

Mommy and daughter are having some increased sweet bonding moments especially at bed time, I have discovered that she loves me to sing her to sleep. I love finally having her in my arms while I sing these lullabies to her, I have been sending these songs across the ocean for so long, it's hard to believe that she is finally home. On the flip side she fits in here so naturally, from that very first moment I laid eyes on her, playing on a large mahogany boardroom table in China, she was just simply MINE, ours. It is a daily joy to see her come to believe we are hers too. It is like watching a flower bloom, when I really take the time to look it leaves me full of awe at the simple things we see in her every day.

Things between the siblings are growing stronger as I see them actually play a few times each day and Emery is actually reaching out and inviting her to join him. He also has developed his own ways of finding space to him self and with us when needed, I am amazed at his adaptability and his ability to meet his own needs and become the leader and big brother. In some ways though he seems so much older because of it, there seems very little baby left in my first born.

So this is where we stand in this moment, the next week will be another adjustment for us all again as we cope with out the best daddy in the world. Only two adult hands and two active toddlers.... daunting to say the least.


Catherine said...

Sweet pics!

Glad to hear things are progressing and that some parts are so much better You're doing a great job!

Maple Walnut Mama said...

She is such a beauty that girl of yours! Sounds like life is moving onwards and upwards in a good direction. Thanks for sharing your story!