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Settled in Beijing

We are settled in Beijing but we all have a cold so we have been laying low in the hotel and skipping the group outings. We have met the rest of the group for meals here and there and it is really great to share experiences. Elora is doing better in many ways, she is showing great signes of attachment to us, she will not engage with any one else even when they try to bribe her with food or toys. She is generally grumpy because of the cold but we are still seeing a decrease in the head banging and we are able to calm her with more ease. We feel a bit like hermits and we are hoping to all feel better so we can join the group at the zoo trip tomorrow.


Tas (Theresa) Self said...

Elora is precious. I hope all of you are feeling better very soon.

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations sounds like she is doing great. A lot of unusual behaviours will subsite over time when you are settled in your home and have a routine. For now just do your best to care for her and love her, I know with a cold is not easy. Sounds like you are starting to bond. Congrats again.
Sylvia from Alberta