11:05 AM

Next Stop Beijing

Yesterday we spent the whole day in the hotel with only a short excursion to take the scenic boat and quick stops for food. Elora did very well, with the exception of the boat. Clearly being out and about is just not the best thing for her at this time, unfortunately staying indoors all day is a luxury we just don’t have right now since we have travel and appointments constantly. It is good to see how well she can do in the right environment though. The hardest things about the tantrums is that when we are out we have so little options for coping, we cannot stop, we cannot change rooms, we cannot put her in a safe place to work it out. I think although the carrier may be prolonging her tantrums it seems to be the best option we have at this time.
She is really turning into a daddy’s girl and it is so fun for me to watch as their relationship grows each hour. She reaches to him for comfort now instead of just accepting it. They are just smitten with each other. They both have a cold right now and are napping together before I have to wake all the sickies up and get us on the plane to Beijing.
There have been many requests for more photos, and I totally understand why since she is so cute and I know you all want to get to know her better. She is incredibly difficult to photograph, I have to turn the flash off or all you get is closed squinty eyes or a turned away head. Without the flash the photos are often blurry since she is always on the go. I am experimenting with different camera settings and lighting and I think I am getting better, but we still have about only one useable photo out of 20. The best way to get to know her is through the video we take, her eyes are open and bright and you can really see her expressions and personality. I am wishing that someone in our travel group will have a way around the firewall so we can sent some video (they are too large to email even the shortest clips).