8:05 AM

Hangzhou day 1

The train ride was ridiculously easy. There were line ups and order and happy police men to help. There were no scary vagrants and even an escalator and our seats were #1 first class they were like xtra large lazy boys. We arrived in Hangzhou and met our guide Vivian. Our hotel here is nice, downtown and walking distance to the west lake, Elora’s bed is in our room and I have her bag packed for our first meeting. We are on our own for now, but will meet up with Vivian at 9 am on Monday when she will take us to meet Elora!!! We have been managing fine so far without a guide we use photos to order our food and have been successful although sometimes surprised with the results. Apparently it has been raining here for 3 straight months, we are going to do west lake today but most likely it will be raining again, if not we plan to rent bikes for the day so we can see more. The internet is also spotty here and we are having issues getting around the firewall. I am receiving all your wonderful comments but we are unable to allow them to be published since I cannot get into blogger to authorize them. My friend Amy is kindly posting these words for me that I email to her, but we may have reached our communications limit as far as the firewall goes. I am so sorry that we cannot write back to you all but we are getting your words, thank you. When we have a moment of internet, like now at 4 am, we quickly post this one daily announcement and that is about all that can get done. We are having some insomnia tonight, whether it is from jet lag or excitement. Hoping a sleeping pill will give us a good night’s sleep tonight after a busy day because we only have ONE MORE SLEEP TILL ELORA!


Sarah said...

Your last sleep...I hope you get some rest...tomorrow is the day!!!

Bonnie, Jim and Ainsley said...

Glad tp hear that you arrived safely. Hope you got some sleep. Can't wait to see pics of you both meeting Elora!!!!