7:52 AM

Better Day

Yesterday was a better day. Yoyo was fussy all day and had quite a few meltdowns but it was more of a normal upset baby type and not the raging from the day before. She accepted soothing from both of us and we were able to keep each meltdown to under a half hour. The visit with the orphanage went very well. She happily visited her nanny and roommates as long as I was holding on to her. She has a very close relationship with her nanny because there are only two nannies per room of 10 babies; they take shifts though so it is only ever one care giver at a time. It is very good for us and for her that she did not have a revolving door of caregivers. The kids were all very excited to see us, they were mostly all boys. The orphanage director gave us some medicine for Elora’s tummy problems, but I cannot get her to swallow it yet. As we were leaving Yoyo waved goodbye to her nanny and blew her a kiss as she laughed and smiled in my arms. I think they did a wonderful job preparing her for this transition, she really seems to understand what is going on from the first time we met her.
The train ride was bad but not as bad as the first time, we had a little cabin we shared with two other people and Elora slept restlessly for a few hours lying on top of me as long as I remained completely motionless. We were all very happy to be back in Hongzhou to our little hotel room and town we have come to know and very much like. It is an easy town to like, with lots to do at the west lake and lots of stores and food to choose from. The traffic here is like a game of frogger where I swear there must be bonus points to cars who can hit the petrified lo fan. Other than the traffic and the paparazzi it is a very friendly and walkable city.
A few things about Yoyo:
Likes: very hot milk, almost any food, the baby carrier, practicing her walking, gerber puffs!
Favorite toys: empty water bottle, baby wipes package, empty cracker wrappers, snack trap (preferably with puffs, but still fun empty)
Dislikes: cold foods, no success with any fruits yet
Although I think the measurement of 26 pounds is pretty accurate, she is not overly chubby. Her cheeks and thighs are very plump but the rest of her is pretty average. She is fitting snugly into the 18 month clothing we brought. Her feet are tiny though only in the 6 month old slippers we brought, the orphanage gave us some darling hello kitty walking shoes though so we have not needed to buy anything for her yet.
She stands very well on her own and she loves to practice and get praise for this trick. In the short time already she has gained a lot of strength and can do laps walking holding our hands now and when she came her legs would give out after only a dozen steps. She is very determined and keeps trying even when her body is obviously tired.
She has an easy smile and laugh and when she is in her normal mood she goes to sleep between us in bed in a short amount of time and sleeps long and through the night. She is sleeping much more then the orphanage reported, but time will tell if this is a pattern or a consequence of the situation.
She has all of her teeth now with the exception of one last eye tooth that is bugging her. She is a very chatty baby and is already correctly saying mama and dada for each of us. Despite my fears that she would be a bottomless pit when it came to food she communicates when she is done and is not eating what seems to be a very large amount, although she is a great eater and will accept almost anything we give her. We have already switched from baby food to just letting her graze off our plates.
We had a relaxing day today at the hotel with no appointments; we are just waiting around for her passport to be processed before we can fly to Beijing on Friday. The last few days felt like an emotional and physical marathon. We are looking forward to meeting up with our group and are also counting down the days till we can come home. We miss Emery and cannot wait to introduce you to this little princess.


Maple Walnut Mama said...

Wow! You have described a massive change in how your little Elora is calming & engaging with you from last post to this one. Way to follow that instinct in attempting to figure out what she needs and how to give that to her.
She is absolutely beautiful!