7:12 PM

LOA in 19 Days.

Yes you read that correctly, we were notified that our LOA (LSC) had arrived via an email from our agency on Christmas Eve. No kidding, that was the best gift I ever got. After I picked my jaw off the floor and read and re-read the email a thousand times, I just could not believe the speed of it. I sort of did not even believe it was real until I had the original in my hot little hands yesterday. Hence the late post on this. I think the explanation for the supper fast speed was that my file was working it's way through the pile the whole time we were waiting for a match. We had a record breaking long wait on that end, so I guess that explains the record short wait on this end. Now we just wait for a travel date (TA) and then we book flights!
I am trying to keep busy but post holiday blues have hit home and the next 60(ish) days loom before me like a prison sentence.


Tas (Theresa) Self said...

before you know it you will be on the plane to get your girl! start packing and get everything you will need for your trip it will help to pass the time : )