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How does she do it? Part 1

Since no one wants to hear me whine about the wait. And since I can't talk about the wait with out whining, (even the good things, like booking our plane tickets!) I am going to talk about something completely diffrent.
There has been a lot of talk around the mom blog universe about cutting your self some slack, ridding your self of the guilt, and just letting it be. Maybe I was born with no guilt gene, maybe it was because I came from a big family and kids are mostly second nature to me, but I have an amazing balance in my life. I have a real me, that is not associated with motherhood, I have pride and confidence in my mothering and I have a pretty great relationship with my husband as well. I am pretty sure I have all these things because of my one (not so)secret weapon.

I cheat.

Shhhh don't tell social services. I am a corner cutting, time saving, slacker, cheat. If there is a faster way to do it I do. My OCD husband calls it lazy. Maybe that is the true motivator, but who cares as long as the job gets (sort of) done. And here is the kicker ladies, I am proud of my cheating, the more corners I can cut the happier I am. The following are tips on how you can cheat and love it too. :)


Oviously if you can do more than one thing at a time you are two steps ahead. As moms this is something we are doing all the time, but there maybe more ways you can carry this skill forward. Here are some of my favourite ways to multitask.

  • Pole Dancing Fitness. Okay when you are done being shocked stop giggling and hear me out. Pole dancing is great exercise, it works every muscle in your body ever lifted yourself upside down into the splits? I have. It's fun and it's hard to do, so it's weight lifting and cardio together. Also it's small classes with only girls, I get a dose of girly girl time at each class, oh the things we talk about. Are you blushing yet? Also for me all that fun dancing around to sexy music usually makes me friskier than usual and that will help keep my relationship happy. This one hour class makes it my #1 multitasker because it gets four jobs done, all of which I have a real hard time getting done or finding time and energy for. This is a weekly escape that keeps mama happy, and that of course in turn keeps the whole family unit happy.
  • Slowcookers. Since your crock pot cooks all by it's self you can be doing any thing and still be cooking. Now when I said I cheat, one thing I don't like to cheat on is the food I feed my family. I like to home cook for them. But my definition of home cooking is pretty wide. I love pre-made sauces and keep a fridge stocked with them, I just pour some on frozen chicken toss it in the oven, microwave some rice and frozen veggies and voila, diner, home made. Here are some slow cooker tips to make an easy way to cook even easier. Any of those recipes that call for you to cook your meat or noodles before you put them in the slow cooker are really missing the whole point. I have successfully not cooked those things first in all those recipes by simply adding more liquid and/or increasing the cooking time or heat. I just wing it, and it usually works, maybe it's not as great as the original, but I'd never know because I am not going to take the time to do work my slow cooker should be doing for me! Ever. Another great tip is to toss in your meat frozen, if you have to leave it unattended for more than 6 hours I would recommend that, it keeps your meat more tender and the ice melts and keeps your sauce from drying out too much.
  • Communal bath/showers. We shall see how this works with multiple kids, but I love to just toss the toddler in the shower with me. I have been doing this since he was tiny, he would sit in the bumbo while I had my shower. We still bath together too. Now you may be thinking, but my shower is my time, I don't want to share. I agree, and that is why I only wash the kids once a week. Okay I told you not to tell the social workers! They get a sponge bath all the time, I love baby wipes. I just only do the all out sudsy dunk'em type weekly. I swear my kid is not gross because of it, and his skin does not dry out. They are also such a novelty to him I use them as the biggest bribe and he will happily splash for a good hour, while I listen to my ipod.
That's all for now, but I have more tips to share. Stay tuned.


Maple Walnut Mama said...

Love your fusion of pole dancing/slower cookers/less bathing to create more balance. Might just be some of the most helpful motherhood tips I've seen yet :)

Claudia said...

Okay, that pole fit photo is probably the best thing I've seen on a blog, ever!

And glad you wrote about your love of the slow cooker - I totally concur. Best thing EVER. Without my slow cooker, I'm pretty sure we would all starve. Do you follow A Year Of Slow Cooking??? The best slow cooking recipes on the whole internet, I think... I am going to make the mint glazed leg of lamb she just posted sometime in the next week - looks DELICIOUS!

Thanks for playing along - I love reading all your shortcuts!