12:45 PM

We got Pre approval

We got pre-approval today (PA) and that means three things.
1. China is now reviewing our file for this specific child
2. We can send a care package (s) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We hope to get new photos from these packages.
3. We are about to enter into the longest most unpredictable part of the wait. The wait for LOA. This is the final approval from China that she is really ours. Theoretically this is just a formality, although questions may arise from our file that they require more info on. The wait is between 45 to 157 days currently and there is no rhyme or reason from what any one can tell about why the wait can vary so much. But the count down is on we can only hope that we get in the fast lane and get approval in record short time.


Tas (Theresa) Self said...

We will be keeping our fingers crossed for you that you receive a speedy LOA and then a fast TA!

Bonnie, Jim and Ainsley said...

Congrats on the PA....I want mine now :)