9:17 PM

it'd be Christmas if you were here

I am slightly obsessed with this song by Carolyn Dawn Johnson. She gets Canadian winters, and some how she is singing the song of every waiting mama this year. It's a new song, otherwise I would link the video. You will have to find it on itunes for now, or just trust me that it is the perfect amount of melancholy. I never knew Christmas could be so sad, until part of my heart was in another country.

cold, its just cold and its not fun any more
it's a hassle to fight the through crowds at the store
there's a tree in the den and a wreath on the door but i've lost interest
somethings different
if you were here i'd hear the bells
i'd join in with the neighbours singing chistmas carols
i'd make hot chocolate and gingerbread
keep the oven on till every one was fed
i know its not really like me to be bitter, its just winter
but it'd be christmas if you were here

if you were here i'd here the bells
ya it'd be cozy, not so lonely
if you were here i'd hear the bells


journey to Madisyn said...

I totally understand how u r feeling, we got our referral November 23,2010. It was a very hard christmas knowing where and who our daughter was but she was on the other side of the planet. Sending you (((hugs)))