4:15 PM


It's the day after match day and the day after Halloween and between the sugar and the anticipation I did not sleep a wink. No match for us, and I don't even have the words. I feel pretty hopeless right now. There is just this ever present fear of an international adoption shut down, I guess only another waiting parent can really get this fear, and one who has had to switch programs totally knows what I mean. We are not owed a child at the end of this, nothing is for sure, you have to just live with that. Some days you can and other days, as one of my bloggy buddies said, it is like a foot on your chest. SO accurate.
In other news I love Halloween and I love dressing up. We had a great time as a robot family this year. Check out our other family photos from years past as well to get a glimpse of our full enthusiasm for the holiday!
Robot Family - 2011

Princess and the Frog - 2010