2:57 PM


In my mind I am two MONTHS overdue, if this was a pregnancy some kind soul would have put me out of my misery weeks ago.
I am a stress ball. To date during this adoption I have lost a chunk of hair, sported a heck of a bald spot. This particular side effect to stress is the gift that keeps on giving because now I have a hunk of hair growing back that is like 2.5 inches long sprouting from the top of my head and it sticks straight up. It will not be tamed by product nor pony tail. (Look carefully in my photos below and you will see it waving at you.) I have a mysterious rash all over my chin and nose that has migrated around but none the less stayed with me for about 3 months now. I am currently having abdominal pains that may be the worst gas ever, or more likely just that I store my stress in my stomach, since it’s not.. um… passing.
Today is not match day. Hopefully next week is and hopefully China does not count that as the November list, and skip this month altogether. Just one more week you say? Try telling that to a women 2 MONTHS overdue!!!! She will bite your head off.
This is not my best moment. I know for my own health and safety as well as for others who are near to me, I NEED TO CALM the ^%&*#* DOWN. But again try telling that to a woman who is TWO MONTHS overdue!!! Near impossible. Even when that woman is yourself.