2:38 PM

The only thing more fleeting then summer is childhood

Well October is certainly flying by. I am so glad. You know what else is flying by? My babies’ childhoods. Each day I see my son do or say something new. He is on the precipice of being a big boy. Some days he seems so ready and asks for the big boy chair, the big boy bed, or to do things “By Self”. On one hand this is fantastic timing, I need the high chair and crib for Elora soon and I am glad we won’t have to be rushing him out of these things. On the other hand, I regularly look at my dining table and see an empty high chair. Since Squeaker is still back and forth on this grown up stuff, I keep both accessible for him to choose from. So every once and while, I will glance over my back while I am cooking and see my little family at the table, with one empty high chair and I get this emotion soup flood me. I am so proud my little baby boy is growing up, I am so sad that my little baby girl is growing up without us. I want to speed time up and get her home, at the table with us where she belongs. I want to slow down time or even reverse it and see a toothless baby babbling at me from that chair, how did he become a philosophical toddler already?
Squeaker tells me the strangest things, recently he has been saying that his face is growing and sometimes he says that a growing face hurts, other times, he tells me that it’s scary. The solution to this is to kiss his face all over. But we have this conversation about the growing face a few times a week. He is also using his toy robot to act out big boy activities. He will tell me that robot wants to sleep in the big boy bed or sit in the big boy chair. He tells me he is the robots daddy and that he will feed him and help him to be a big boy. As you can see I am not the only one in the house who is trying to keep up with the emotions of a babyhood that is slipping away.
I truly savor every moment with my family, the moments at work, not so much. But I am trying not to wish all my days away, trying not to live from one match day to another. But I guess what they say is true, time flies when you are having fun.

A Boy and his Robot.