5:30 PM

An Amazing Parent

My husband is an amazing father. I really want to celebrate him but have you noticed how father's day cards seem to give dads awards just for showing up? I know that the modern father who is involved, affectionate and mom's rock is a very new concept but that is the man I have and I want to celebrate EVERY thing he does.
He is the best dad ever because:
* He does not just do the fun stuff, and he understands that some of your best parenting moments can actually come at 2 am in the morning with a sick baby
* He is an expert when it comes to his own kids, he has always had a knack with getting the baby to bed, and has way more patience than I ever will.
* He is a domestic god, and that is sexy
* He helps with out being asked, that means he does not have a nag for a wife
* We agree on how to parent, We are a united front

This is so much more impressive because he was not a natural born nurturer. In fact before we had a child I think we both had serious doubts about his daddy abilities. It became evident from pretty much day 1 that not only did he have what it takes but that he was head and shoulders above the other new dads we knew. I has not a single complaint at the mom group when it came to my partner. Simply because he has always been a true partner in this adventure.
I think maybe part of it was that I had high expectations of him. I am not sure why I had these expectations, I only had a so-so dad, an absent minded professor type. I just knew that as a team we could "have it all", but we could never get there alone, so I expected a dad who could share it all 50/50. The fact that I got more than my wildest dreams in this department makes me over the moon happy, and so confident to parent our little girl. We can do anything together.
I want to say happy father's day to an amazing parent, who is much more than just a dad.