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Sharing my research document

A little gift from me to you, the gift of time.
I recently accumulated every bit of information I could about as many special needs that I could find and compiled it together for my husband and I to use as a discussion starter. The thing I love most about it is that I have included testimonials from adoptive parents. This was vital to me because there is a big difference between the text book definition and living with it. It is also very difficult to access professionals who understand what the need looks like when it has been untreated, since most of these needs get immediate treatment in the west. That makes the parents who have adopted before me genius medical gods, in my humble opinion.
I was never the best student so this document I have compiled has no good research qualities. I did not quote my sources or create a reference list. Sorry folks this is a humble (busy) mom blog, not a Harvard paper. So this is pretty much a work of pure 100% plagiarism, but the best thing about it is that at least all the info is in one place, saving you time! Thank you so much to the countless and nameless contributors to this document of mine, you rock! So now I am going to pay it forward. Click hereSpecial Needs Reserch to download the very large document.