10:58 AM

January At Last

You may have been born. You may no longer be particles in space. I may now be sending all my loving to a real girl. You and your mama are now in a world of pain. Because of that it is hard to celebrate that you are out in this big bad world. Hopefully you are not alone. I hope some one is cradling you, and whispering sweet nothings in your ear. I hope you are warm.

Next year we will celebrate. Next year will be so different than this year. 2011 will not be kind to you, but we are all commited to making every other year work twice as hard to make it up for this one year. This one year that really was not fair to you. This one year that made every day a struggle for survival. This one year that will change everything you are and would be. This year that will never stop testing your resiliency.

Hang on my little one. We are going to find one another, we are going to get through this together. Forever.