8:51 AM

Dream Girl

I had a very vivid dream of Elora and our trip to China last night. This time for the first time I saw the face of my baby. The dream opens on the day before Gotcha day. We are visiting an orphanage to volunteer. While we are there I become smitten with a little girl with navy blue eyes and strawberry creme colored hair. She is 14 months old and born on October 14th. For some reason we are allowed to take her back to our hotel room for 72 hours and then make a decision about adopting her, I think instead of the child who we were referred. I spend time with the little bitty girl staring into her eyes and watching her army crawl around the room. And then I wake up.
I once heard a saying that there is nothing more boring then some one else's dreams. Typically I keep this in mind and don't share my dreams with others, and would not be blogging them either if this blog was not serving dual duty as my journal and experience log.
That being said I think there is some key things in my dream that my subconscious mind is processing. The first being those 72 hours between the call and the acceptance of the referral. I can not imagine the stress I am going to feel, the questioning, the anxiety, the love, the fear all rolled into one. I am dreading those hours. Also I have a feeling about the number 14. Haha I sound like a Gypsy at the fall fair gazing into a cryptic and vague crystal ball. I am just saying it now so that I can claim supper powered mothers intuition when (if) such a number comes to have any relevance at all. Thirdly, I am clearly drawn to the special need of Albinism, and wish that one way or another that I could reach out to these children in particular, who seem to wait so very much longer. Although a referral for any need on our list would be just great, I feel my heart strings tugged by the faces of these children. Maybe because there need is so visible, I spot them on the lists first. It is crazy, but I feel like I may not be done with just 2 children, and I would love to adopt again. Time will tell how I feel once I have 2 toddlers.... and I see no way to facilitate another adoption financially. But.... if there were no boundaries, I would love to try again, maybe specifically for a child with albinism.