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What if this was my girl?

Baby girl in China abandoned on the street... because she is BLONDE

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:46 PM on 23rd November 2010

A mother abandoned her newborn baby on the street in China - because the little girl was blonde.

The white-haired Chinese baby was discovered by a passer-by on a street corner in Nanning, Guangxi Province.

The woman who found the child heard a cry and made the shocking discovery.

Enlarge The little girl was found on the street in Nanning, Guangxi  Province with a note and some baby clothes

The little girl was found on the street in Nanning, Guangxi Province with a note and some baby clothes

'I was walking to work and heard cries from a wrapped-up quilt in the corner' she said.

'By opening it I found a baby crying very sadly.'

Police found a bag of baby clothes besides the quilt and an envelope containing 3,900 Yuan, about £390.

On the envelope the mother had written: 'I hope warm-hearted people can help to send the baby to the orphanage house. Wish you all the best.

'My dear baby I am an irresponsible mother and an incapable mother. I am sorry.'

Police suspect but have not confirmed that the mother dumped her child because of the baby's white hair.

Police suspect the mother may have dumped her child because of the  baby's white hair

Police suspect the mother may have dumped her child because of the baby's white hair

She may have been given up because she was a girl or because her mother could not afford the fine for keeping her.

Most Chinese families are allowed only one child to reduce the 1.3 billion-plus population and cut unsustainable demand on resources.

Many children, mostly girls, are abandoned because of the policy.

The policy also leads to an estimated 13 million abortions every year, with many of those ordered by local authorities. Infanticide is also widespread in many rural areas.

Those who violate the one child law can be fined up to £25,000.

Nanning, Guangxi Province in south central China

Nanning, Guangxi Province in south central China

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I found this article in the Daily Mail, and it has really stayed with me. There seems to be so much missing from this story, and yet still the words the mother left for her child are words that are seldom heard. The comments left by Joe Public regarding this article were also telling of how little understanding there is regarding China, adoption and relinquishment and this article does very little to help educate. I wonder why this made the news in a UK newspaper, why this baby as apposed to the thousands of others?
Regardless of the quality of it, I am thankful for this article. I hope that it lands in the hands of this child's future adoptive parents, what a treasure for them to have these photos and words, to see the concern of the world, every one wanting to care for her, populations united wishing for changes in the reasons for why this moment came to be.
This has left me also wondering, what if this was my girl? How do you explain her mother's assumed reason for relinquishment? I, as a mother, have to believe that the children with Albinism are abandoned because the mothers fear the condition is too medically complex for them to afford/manage. Here in the west many people wrongly believe that albinism = mental retardation, deafness and blindness, so it is not hard to believe that these children are loved but are placed in orphanages with the hope that medical care will be provided and that the child will be better off. I have to believe that, because I can't believe that any mother would abandon her child simply because of a prejudice or superstition.
But I could be wrong. China is a different culture who's people have generations of thinking that is contrary to my beliefs. It is wrong of me to assume that my concept of maternal love is the global standard. I am reading a book right now about Korea in the 30's and a line in the book really got me thinking. The father in the book makes a special effort to ignore his children and to be sure to remind them what pests they are to him because he loves them and wants them to grow up with modesty. He struggles (yet prevails) in fighting his affections towards his children for the greater good of not "spoiling" them.
As an adult who is seeking out this information, who is trying to learn and expand my mind, this is very interesting and I can put my self in this parents shoes. But how would I ever help my child to equate this type of parenting with love, when she has only been exposed to my form love.
I hope that she can one day see past how the western world judges China's mothers and find her mothers perspective and her mother's love for her.