8:41 AM

I'm just a girl in the world

Did you know that in the poorest regions of the world, millions of girls face barriers to survival and development simply because they’re girls?

Did you know?

  • 70 per cent of the one billion people living in extreme poverty are women and girls.

  • Girls are 3x more likely to be malnourished than boys.

  • Over 60 million girls are denied access to primary school.

  • An extra year of school for girls will increase their lifetime income by 10-20%.

  • Children of women who have completed primary school are less likely to die before age 5 than children of mothers with no schooling.

  • Women who do work reinvest 90% of their income back into their household.

Today is National Day of the Girl in Canada. Thinking about all girls in the world, and my girl too.