2:52 PM

hit the wall

So Thailand said no. I am still in too much grief to think about the next step or even why this happened. So many families from around the world have contacted me and given me hope with their stories, I really thought this might just be a test or another hurdle. I don't think I was ready to hear that this is the end of my destiny with Thailand. But I heard it from the horses mouth and there is no ambiguity or what ifs left.
I don't even know how to move forward from here.


Robin said...

I'm so sorry, Sylvia. It can be hard to readjust your heart when you can't build your family the way you first envision. Take some time to grieve, but also know that your children will be a joy no matter how they join your family. Hugs.

Kerrie (and Jason) said...

I know nothing we can say will take your pain away. So this is just a huge [hug]. xxoo

Zoe said...

Oh! I am so sorry to hear that! I was sure you would make it through. I don't even know what to say. so sorry for you. xx

Anonymous said...

Is there another agency you can go through in Thailand? As I dont believe that is the actual government dept over there making this ruling.

sigh...our journeys are all so complicated


Sylvia said...

I am trying to have a chat with our agency to ask them why no one else is hearing the same thing. I received many emails from others telling me they checked with their agency for me and were assured that this is not the case. I was sent the exact quote from our agencies coordinator that was a message from the board of directors. It left no room to interpret it differently it was a real definitive no to me.
Unfortunately I have no other choices in terms of agencies, I must use one that is registered with our province and this is the only one who is doing Thai adoptions in our province.