4:48 PM

She is my Daughter not a budget line....

It is hard sometimes to have to defend our family. I know adopting means that I sign up to be an educator and advocate to every person, well meaning or ill intentioned, I have to set the record straight. I don't blame them for not understanding, I never see media pieces that accurately display adoption in all of it's complexities. I guess it is up to the APs to lead the cause, because that responsibility should not have to lie on the shoulders of the birth family or the children, so that leaves us.
I sometimes feel that being a preferential adopter makes the critics feel freer to tell me what they really think. I am not some emotionally delicate person who is adopting because there was no other option, so there is no guilt involved in telling me how wrong we are for choosing adoption.
I am not saying that I can't take it. Bring it. Really, bring it. I can take it, in fact this ability is one of the reasons I knew I would be a good AP. I just pity the fool who tries to diss our family in front of my children, get ready for mama bear.
Ultimately though I know I can not fight my way through this each time. I will have to learn some diplomacy. And some short answers as well, currently well intentioned but curious folk get a 15 minute lecture. I am not sure how to keep it concise but still get the message across. Sigh, I will just add this to the reading list.

Speaking of reading lists, I am plowing through some good adoption books lately. I have 2 hours on the train every day now so I am reading more then I have in a long time. Forever Lily was a great memoir about a China adoption. And I am currently in the middle of Parenting your Internationally Adopted Child, it really clicks with my parenting style, I think I finally found a book addressing attachment that makes sense to me and seems really easy and usable. I will do a real review of the book once I am done. With so much reading, Elora is never far from my mind and I miss her in a way I never thought possible, since she is still to the best of my knowledge just particles in space. All of a sudden 2013 seems like an eternity from now and way too far away.

Also muddling around in my head if we should take Em with us to Thailand or leave him home with my mom. Thought I had my mind made up but now I am not sure. Will need to save for another airfare, so I should not leave the choice to the last minute, although I have no idea how my 4 year old would do on an international flight.