9:09 AM

The Paper Chase is ON!

Wow, wow, wow. So we have been moved up the list! Some one ahead of us has pulled back and we get their spot, we will make the 2010 quota after all. (For other Thailand waiting parents, this may not apply to you. My agency works directly with the TRC so that is how they are getting around the DSDW's halt on 2010 dossiers)
We thought we had another year before starting but now it is happening so fast, we have to get our Dossier to Thailand and get logged in before the end of the year.
man they do not call it the paper chase for nothing, it is even more work then i was planning for, i thought i was prepared, but this is about doubly harder then i thought. Bring it! I am top form and I will win this race! Gotta Run!