8:01 AM

Another dream

I had another dream last night, this one had Elora in it, but the main focus of the dream were her two older siblings that we also adopted, a boy and a girl. It seems we were unprepared to be bringing home 3 children, and my dream is filled with creative solutions on how to manage this little clan I was now mom to. The strangest part was my relationship with the older girl, the middle child, who told me her name was Mawma. I tickled her tummy and said "but I am the Mama", and she gave me the look that I believe I had patented - a slight eye roll, combined with suppressed "what ev's" coated with a boat load of patience.
Yes the moment I had been dreading had finally arrived, I was about to have to parent... myself.
Now don't get me wrong, I love me, and I was a pretty good kid, but when I the ultrasound told me I was having a boy, I thought that would give me a good chance to raise some one who was not me. (Turns out I am parenting a mini version of my husband, down to the very last detail, boy is that interesting.)
I realized, many moons ago, back when I was dating, that all me all the time might spell trouble. I tried out that classic advice to ditch your must have list, and date out side the box. So I was on the quest to find the male me, I thought we would just be like two perfect peas in a pod. WRONG! Turns out I am not so fun to date, I am very needy, like to be the centre of attention, and really competitive and stubborn not to mention that I get bored of myself pretty quickly. Lesson learned, I need the opposite of me, to balance me out. Now I am pretty sure that bad dates are not the ultimate predictor for mother and child bliss, but that little experiment has really left it's mark, so I have always been very nervous of my very own Mini Me.
I guess the real cause of the dream though is my home study questionnaire. There is one question I keep coming back to, wondering if I have answered correctly. It is not one of the 4 page long essay questions... it is the would you accept a sibling group... check yes or no. The box is currently checked as no, but I just keep wondering...