8:15 AM


I just wanted to record a dream I had this morning. I dreamt that I adopted a little boy aged 22 months who had witnessed the murder of his family. He did not look Thai and I am not sure where the dream took place at all but I was bonding with him and holding him in a very plain hotel room. I also brought home a little girl 11 months old who's name was Sylvia also. I was at the orphanage looking for Elora, when I saw Sylvia sitting in a little floral dress on a grassy hill all alone away from the other children. I walked up to her scooped her up in my arms... and then I woke up.

I will not make comment on these dreams, I just want to record them for the purpose of looking back at a later date. I do take dreams semi seriously, they have helped me to over come many a problem that my conscious brain could not decipher. And I dreamt that my son was telling me his name when he was only an 11 week old embryo, and I named him that because it felt so much like he had already named him self.