8:35 AM

phew, the sky is not falling

Okay I guess I was a bit of an alarmist in my last post. After speaking to my adoption agency I feel much better about our time lines. Really though with the world of international adoption just melting at our feet, closures and delays are the norm now, can you blame me for having a chicken little view of it all?
Here is the update:
Our file will go to Thailand in early 2012, we are on the top of list to move up if any one before us drops off the list. This is not the first slowdown we have seen from Thailand, apparently this same situation happened in 2003 and resulted in an over all speed up. They are over whelmed so they request less files, rather then implode. Basically we spend more time waiting for our file to go, but then less time having it stay in Thailand getting dusty in a pile. I was also happy to hear that the slow down is a lack of infants available for international adoption. I was really heart sick over the idea of kids just waiting because of red tape, but this is not the case in this situation. I have been assured that we will still have Elora home some time in 2014, as a worst case scenario. This is great news, but just to be prepared I am thinking more like early 2015 because I don't want to pin all my hopes on this prediction. Some of the best advice I ever read was to avoid stress by simply planning for it. When you know a situation is going to be hard and stressful make a plan ahead of time so that you can combat this "predictable stress" and save your energy for the real whoppers that you did not see coming. I practice this daily, at work I always schedule 30 minutes a day just for these surprise deadlines or disgruntled clients. Knowing I have the cushion helps keep me calm, and if I don't use it by the end of the day, I just enjoy a coffee break instead. So I am adding in my adoption time line cushion.
This whole process has already shown me how much Elora is a part of us, how much we love her already. More then I thought possible, but loving too much can't ever be wrong, so I just have to keep my patience and my faith till she comes home.