6:15 PM

The Baby Bump

Well now we have been bumped up the line again, because the Thai Red Cross has decided to keep thier quota at 5 regardless of what others are doing and because we meet thier stricker criteria (must be married and under 40) we got bumped up to the 2011 list, basicaly back where we started with our dosier going to Thailand Spring/Summer of next year. Great news, but one heck of a roller coaster ride this month.
So if you are keeping track of our baby bump so far it has been home in 2014, home in 2015, home in 2014 and now home in 2013/4 ?!? Bumped back, bumped up, bumped up.

The moral of the story is never take a later spot on an international adoption time line, your child will not be home when the projected time line states. I was a fool to think there could ever be such a problem as my daughter coming home "too" early. I will just count my lucky stars when she does get home and deal with any time conflicts when the time comes.
Secondly it is entirely possible to fall in love with particles in space who will become your daughter in 3-4 years time. When people tried to comfort me by suggesting looking into another country, or trying to get pregnant I just looked at them like they were crazy. You see Elora is a Thai child, so she could not come from another country, she could not even come from my belly, it was just not possible. To me it would be like saying well you lost your son but you could still get another son from somewhere else, don`t worry.
Elora is safely back in my day dreams where she belongs, and all is good here. Looking forward to enjoying the spring and summer with my honeys, drama free.